White Papers & Publications

Wet Weather Consent Decrees: Negotiation Strategies to Maximize Flexibility & Environmental Benefit

December 2016

Legal Considerations for Enacting, Implementing, and Funding Stormwater Programs: Navigating Litigation Floodwaters

November 2016

The Energy Water Nexus: A Plan for Collaboration Between the Department of Energy and Water Sector

November 2016

Working With Satellite Communities on Regional Wet Weather Issues

June 2016

2015 Water Resources Utility of the Future Annual Report

September 2015

Financial Survey & NACWA Index

July 2015

The Water Resources Utility of the Future: Executive Summary of the 2015 Annual Report

July 2015

Collaboration for Healthy Watersheds: How the Municipal & Agricultural Sector are Partnering to Improve Water Quality

January 2015

Utilities of the Future Energy Findings Energy

September 2014

Utilities of the Future Energy Findings Energy  Fact Sheet

September 2014

The Impacts of Altering Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond Financing on Public Drinking Water & Wastewater Systems

July 2013

The Evolving Landscape for Financial Capability Assessment

May 2013

The Water Resources Utility of the Future: A Blueprint for Action

January 2013

Controlling Nutrient Loadings to U.S. Waterways: An Urban Perspective

October 2011 

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Report:  State Data and Lessons Learned from Clean Water Funding

July 2010

Core Attributes of Effectively Managed Collection Systems

 July 2010

Whitepaper on Biosolids Energy Opportunities

May 2010

Pharmaceuticals in the Water Environment

March 2010

Clean Water Act Enforcement: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century

December 2009 

Confronting Climate Change: An Early Analysis of Water and Wastewater Adaptation Costs

October 2009

Recommendations For A Viable And Vital 21st Century Clean Water Policy,

October 2007

Financial Capability and Affordability in Wet Weather Negotiations,

October 2005

SSO White Paper

January 2004

SSO Legal Issues White Paper

January 2004