As the only clean water association governed solely by public utilities, NACWA delivers up-to-date information and analysis on public clean water sector issues, advocates on behalf of members in Washington and nationwide, and fosters various networking opportunities. 

Membership in NACWA offers community, advocacy and resources – we invite you to learn more and join your utility peers.


Key Reasons to Join

Representation in Washington

NACWA serves as the voice of the nation’s public clean water utilities on national and regional legislative, regulatory and legal issues – making sure your utility’s perspective is heard in Washington, DC and around the country.

The Power of Many

NACWA's vision is to represent every utility as a member while helping build a strong and sustainable clean water future. Our ever-growing member community is our greatest strength, with member utilities of every size – small, medium and large – from every region across the country (including yours!) View our Member List and join your colleagues in driving clean water policy and progress both locally and nationally. 

The Peer-to-Peer Network

The cornerstone of membership in NACWA is the ability to foster relationships among other utility leaders and staff, not only in your region, but nationwide. Virtual and in-person events and online platforms – such as NACWA’s Engage™ Forum and Utility Executive Peer-to-Peer Network – keep you connected with fellow members to share valuable resources, information and ideas.

Committees & Workgroups

NACWA’s committee and workgroup structures invite Association members to work collectively to shape national clean water policy and offer an opportunity to engage with other utility leaders in a collaborative setting.

Information and Analysis

As the leader in national clean water advocacy, and the strongest voice for publicly owned wastewater and stormwater utilities, NACWA provides members clear and concise analysis of legislative, regulatory and legal developments and trends. From weekly advocacy updates in the Clean Water Current, to in-depth coverage of key issues through blog posts, press releases, and the Clean Water Advocate bi-annual magazine, NACWA’s resources provide a comprehensive source of clean water information.

National Recognition and Exposure

NACWA's awards programs annually recognize member agencies and individuals that have contributed service excellence within the public clean water sector.

Affiliate members can take advantage of NACWA’s sponsorship and advertising opportunities to showcase contributions and build strong relationships with utilities nationwide.

Online Resources

NACWA's website offers an array of high-value information that is readily accessible. White papers, publications and featured resources such as the MS4 Stormwater Permitting Guide – coupled with technical information included in the triennial Financial Survey and annual Service Charge Index – provide powerful tools for members to benchmark their utilities and make more informed decisions.

National Office Staff

NACWA’s National Office staff works actively for Association members as full-time advocates before Congress and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. They effectively coordinate the activities of NACWA’s committees and conferences and serve as an “on-call" resource to member agency leadership and their staff.

What Utility Leaders are Saying

"NACWA has been our District's voice in Washington for over 20 years...and has helped us stay ahead of the curve on regulations."

Susan Tanner Holmes, Chairwoman
Central Davis Sewer District, UT
Service Area Population: 42,000


"A small or medium utility needs NACWA, they have become one of my utility's guardians...Being a CEO of a small wastewater utility, [I can attest that] NACWA saves me time and money!"

David Peterson, CEO
Caveland Environmental Authority, KY
Service Area Population: 11,250


"NACWA has been our WPCA's voice in Washington for years.  NACWA's Peak Performance Awards program is very important to our staff and board as a recognition for a job well done."

Tim Smith, Public Utilities Administrator
Colchester East Hampton Joint Facilities, CT
Service Area Population: 12,000

"NACWA recently told its membership about a budget rider that...could have cost Great Lakes’ utilities $70 billion. Together, we were able to significantly change the language so that it would be acceptable."

Todd A. Danielson, P.E., BCEE , Chief Utilities Executive
Avon Lake Regional Water, OH
Service Area Population: 27,700


"NACWA sends email alerts on EPA regulations changes that effect all wastewater utilities, and monitors new proposed legislation from Congress that allows me to contact Senators and Congressman."

David Peterson, CEO
Caveland Environmental Authority, KY

How to Join

White Papers & Publications

Find the highest-value, in-depth analysis--with an emphasis on practical, real world applications--of the various legal, regulatory and legislative issues that directly impact the Clean Water sector.