The effectiveness of NACWA’s advocacy efforts depend significantly on a robust communications platform.  While advocacy messaging seems to be exclusively directed toward government officials, agencies and policymakers, the effectiveness of that messaging is determined in large part by how it reaches – and impacts – the general public, and the single citizen.

Since NACWA’s advocacy is focused on achieving beneficial policy for clean water utilities, professionals and all the communities that depend on clean water, NACWA’s advocacy communications must engage the public, and by extension, engage every medium involved with the public forum, including: traditional media, alternative media, grass roots channels, and emerging media.

Whether the purpose is to tell the stories of clean water utilities; organize platforms for concerned citizens to gather, to be heard and share ideas; or to hold public officials accountable; NACWA communications is a vital pillar to the Association’s advocacy effort.

Issue-Based Advocacy Communications

As the nation’s recognized leader in clean water advocacy—legislative, regulatory and legal—NACWA must constantly find effective ways to communicate the most relevant clean water issues to the public, and more importantly, point out the ramifications of those issues as they pertain to public policy and implementation.

To accomplish this, NACWA is dedicated to using all its resources to clearly define and analyze the public affairs issues impacting the clean water landscape most, and to communicate fact-based messaging that will advance clean water advocacy priorities on both the local and national levels.

Media Outreach

In addition to its commitment to legislative, regulatory and legal expertise on clean water, NACWA is dedicated to being a top technical resource in water quality, water management and sustainable ecosystem protection.

With this foundation, NACWA staff and experts will continue to be available to all media as trusted and reliable resources in the reporting of clean water stories, news and analyses.

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Member Utility Networking

NACWA’s strength is in the unity of its member agencies. And with this as a guiding value, NACWA is committed to using its communications resources—such as the Engage Forum, NACWA’s online clean water community—to enhance peer-to-peer networking among its members nationwide, and to helping ensure that each member agency has the tools necessary to provide affordable, sustainable clean water for all communities.  Our vision is to represent every utility as a NACWA member, helping to build a strong and sustainable clean water future.

Community Relations

Ultimately, the communities that depend on clean water—which effectively includes everyone—are the sole reason why our member utilities exist.  And seen through this lens, NACWA’s advocacy communications platform is focused on helping member agencies develop positive (communications) relationships with the communities they serve; understanding that clean water public affairs issues affect every family--every person--in a profound and intimate way.

Whether by grass roots activity, electronic media, or just simple printed mailers, NACWA and its member agencies will continue striving to build strong, healthy community relations—one neighbor at a time.