Member Agencies & Affiliates Rosters

Public Agencies

Members are publicly owned wastewater treatment agencies, wastewater collection systems, and stormwater management agencies ranging in size from metropolitan and county agencies to small towns and communities. (Note:  Publicly owned wastewater collection systems, previously Public Affiliate members of NACWA, are now among the Association’s Public Agency Members.)

Corporate Affiliates

Corporate affiliate members are private organizations whose interests are compatible with the objectives of NACWA but are not public agencies.

Legal Affiliates

Legal affiliate members are law firms that are supportive of the goals and objectives of NACWA and may be legal counsel to public clean water agencies.

Supporting Affiliates

Supporting Affiliate members are non-profit or academic organizations that are supportive of the goals and objectives of NACWA. Neither the organization, nor its members, may be eligible for any other category of membership or affiliate membership in NACWA.