On Thursday, July 18, 2019, Peak Performance certificates were presented during NACWA's Annual Award Ceremony at Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, MN.

The available Agency representatives had their pictures taken with Ted Henifin, NACWA Awards Committee Chair, and General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA (on the left) and John Sullivan, NACWA President (2019-2020), and Chief Engineer, Boston Water & Sewer Commission (on the right).

Photos are provided in high resolution - please allow extra time for download to complete. File sizes may be up to 9 MB.

PEAK05 - Anchorage02Anchorage Water &
Wastewater Utility, AK

PEAK05 - Honolulu
City and County
of Honolulu, HI

PEAK05 - Garland02
City of Garland, TX

PEAK05 - Johnson City02
City of Johnson City, TN

PEAK05 - Colorado SpringsColorado Springs Utilities, CO

PEAK05 - El Paso
El Paso Water Utilities
Public Service Board, TX

Hampton Roads
Sanitation District, VA

PEAK05 - Johnson County
Johnson County
Wastewater, KS

PEAK05 - KC Water
KC Water, MO

PEAK05- Little Rock
Little Rock Water
Reclamation Authority, AR

PEAK05 - Metro Chicago
Metropolitan Water Reclamation
District of Greater Chicago, IL

PEAK05 - Spartanburg
Spartanburg Water, SC

For additional information on NACWA’s Awards Programs contact Bredy Trombino at 202.533.1820.