On Thursday, July 18, 2019, the Board Service, President's, Excellence in Management, Clean Water Advocate, Hall of Fame, and Peak Performance Awards were presented during NACWA's Summer Award Ceremony and Reception held at Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis, MN.

Below are pictures from the Ceremony and Reception.  The photos are provided in high resolution - please allow extra time for download to complete. File sizes are up to 9 MB each.  Right click on the selected picture and choose "Save Image As..." in order to download.  

Summer 2019 Awards Recipient Gallery

The available honorees and agency representatives had their pictures taken with Ted Henifin, NACWA Awards Committee Chair, and General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA (on the left) and John Sullivan, NACWA President (2019-2020), and Chief Engineer, Boston Water & Sewer Commission (on the right).

PEAK05- Little Rock PEAK05 - Johnson County PEAK05 - KC Water PEAK05 - Spartanburg PEAK05 - Metro Chicago PEAK05 - Johnson City02 PEAK05 - HRSD PEAK05 - Honolulu PEAK05 - Garland02 PEAK05 - El Paso PEAK05 - Colorado Springs PEAK05 - Anchorage02 PEAK - NEW Water NEAA President - Hershner02 EIM P - Raleigh EIM S - Upper Trinity EIM P - NEW Water EIM G - Metro Council02 EIM G - Richmond01 EIM G - Hanover Sewage02 EIM G - Chesterfield ADVOCACY - Central Davis ADVOCACY - NEORSD01 ADVOCACY - NEW Water EIM G - Albuquerque

Summer 2019 Awards Ceremony Gallery

Ceremony - Advocacy Ceremony - EIM Gold Ceremony - EIM Platinum 02 Ceremony - EIM Platinum 01 Ceremony - EIM Silver Ceremony - Hershner Ceremony - Pallansch Ceremony - Peak P05 Ceremony - Dannenfeldt EIM 02 Ceremony - Dannenfeldt HoF 01 Ceremony - Dannenfeldt 02

2018 Platinum Peak Performance Honorees Video

For additional information on NACWA’s Awards Programs contact Bredy Trombino at 202.533.1820.